February 2017

I briefly got off the train at Odawara on my way to Hakone, knowing that a historic castle was located here. A ninja museum is located on its grounds, where you can test out your skills on an obstacle course.

The castle’s most famous moment came when it was taken by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1590 on the way to creating a unified Japan.

Odawara Castle is a short walk from the train station. When you come out of the east exit, you will probably just need to follow the crowds heading in that direction.

The castle is popular in cherry blossom season. I was too early for that, but I did see some plum blossoms, which visitors new to Japan often confuse them with.

I was happy to have made a quick stop here. If you want to break up a longer journey on local trains with a rest of an hour or so, Odawara could be the perfect answer.