Episodes are seven photo stories long. Check back for more!

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Episode 1 – Pattie meets a purple unicorn.
Episode 2 – Strangers become friends.
Episode 3 – Time for tea.
Episode 4 – Pattie meets a goose.
Episode 5 – Pattie visits Alresford, Hampshire.

H5P Video Practice


택시가 오기 전에 딸기 파티를 하자! Let’s have a strawberry party before the taxi arrives.

지금 막 윈체스터에 도착했어. I’ve just arrived in Winchester.

윈체스터의 교회가 알레스포드의 교회보다 크네.  Winchester’s church is bigger than Alresford’s, isn’t it?

지금 아서왕을 찾고 있어.   Now I’m looking for King Arthur.

내 영국친구가 그러는데 아서왕은 라운드 테이블을 가지고 있대. My British friends said that King Arthur has a round table.

친절한 여성 분이 테이블을 찾는 걸 도와 줬어. 근데 테이블이 벽에 있어? This kind lady helped me find the table. I wonder why it’s on the wall though.

이 사람이 나한테 마술봉도 줬다! She even gave me this magic wand!