Confusing Terms
Believe vs Believe In
Sensible vs Sensitive (Plus Oversensitive, Insensitive, Hypersensitive)

False Friends
East Asian Hot Dog Mystery (Hotteok, American Dog, etc.)

Fossil Busting Project
Full Project
Introductory Video
“4 Puts” (practice of “put away”, “put down”, “put through” and put out”)
“Cationic” (pronunciation of “cation” and “anion”)
“Clothes are Everywhere” (using “clothes” as a plural form)
“Harry and Helen” (“h” sound)
“He and She” (practice of he/she/his/her)
“I Love Gloves” (pronunciation of “gloves”)
“I Walk to Work” (pronunciation of “walk” and “work”)
“This Song will have an Effect on You” (“affect” vs “effect”)
“What have you done?” (practice of “I (went to Spain) with (my friend)”)


Cat idioms

“AU” pronunciation
“Comfortable Vegetable”
“Pronounce” and “Pronunciation”