Yesterday the Japanese expression of the day was that you can never tell what the future will bring and that has proved true with the imminent arrival of Typhoon Hagibis, which has thrown up a whole new set of conundrums.

The typhoon, which is expected to be the most powerful of this year’s season, is set to make landfall during the day on Saturday and will undoubtedly cause considerable damage to property, as well as massive disruption to public transport.

As a result, the New Zealand Italy match in Toyota and the England France match in Yokohama have both been cancelled. That means elimination for the Italians, a guaranteed first place for New Zealand and England and a second place finish for France. The Ireland Samoa game is being played far away in Kyushu and will remain unaffected.

There has been no announcement on the crucial Sunday encounter between Japan and Scotland as of yet, but I can assure you that the Japanese will do everything they possibly can to make sure it happens. They want to fight it out, not qualify through the back door. That is not the Japanese way.

If their efforts do prove in vain, however, and the match is cancelled, Japan would be guaranteed first place in the group due to their victory over Ireland, who would finish second with a win over Samoa. In this worst case scenario, the Scottish would be relying on the Samoans to upset the Irish to continue in the competition.

That would be a real pity, as they put in by far their most impressive performance of their World Cup so far in Shizuoka yesterday, brushing aside the Russians 61-0 with nine unanswered tries, including a George Horne hat-trick. That came after a comfortable farewell win for Argentina against the USA.

The late game very much summed up Fiji’s World Cup. There was a lot of early promise, with three early tries run in. There was also poor kicking, which meant they trailed Wales even when they were three tries to two up. Finally they ran out of steam, and Wales capitalised with a couple more tries to take an unnecessary but welcome bonus point.

For the Islanders it is very much a case of what could have been, but for the Welsh, it’s a quarter-final against France.

Please do not plan to travel anywhere in or near the area that will be affected by the typhoon on Saturday. Just stay inside. Most casualties happen when people are hit by flying debris, fall into the sea or have their vehicles overturned. Remaining indoors will allow you to avoid all such scenarios.

Typhoons are also highly unpredictable. Check the latest movements in the forecasted path here so it doesn’t take you be surprise.

Yesterday’s Matches
Argentina 47-17 USA (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Kumagaya)
Scotland 61-0 Russia (Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium, Shizuoka)
Wales 29-17 Fiji (Oita Stadium, Oita)

Tomorrow’s Match
Australia vs Georgia (1915 JST) (Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium, Shizuoka)

Expression of the day
家にいた方がいいでしょう (ie ni ita houga ii deshou)
Which means…
(You’d best stay at home.)

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2 thoughts on “HAGIBIS HOVERS”

  1. It’s the most powerful typhoon in the world history!!! It’s category 6 ! There are only category 1 to 5 actually! I hope my house won’t be flooded 😉 We have to prepare for amassive black out and interaction of distribution … ugh…be safe !

    1. Classes are not cancelled for Saturday yet though 😉 The shop shelves were looking a bit empty this evening, so people are probably stockpiling.

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