FC Girondins De Bordeaux

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Although Liquido were a German band, their “Narcotic” is the club’s anthem

NICKNAME – Les Girondins, Le Club au Scapulaire (The Club with the Chevron), Les Marines et Blancs (The Navy Blue and Whites)
FOUNDED – 1881
LOCATED IN – Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
STADIUM – Le Matmut Atlantique
CAPACITY – 42,115
BEST LIGUE 1 FINISH – Winners (6 times)
BEST COUPE DE FRANCE RUN – Winners (4 times)
BEST COUPE DE LA LIGUE/D’ETE RUN – Winners (3 times)
BEST EC/CL FINISH – SF (1984/1985)
BEST UC/EL FINISH – Runners Up (1995/1996)
BEST CWC FINISH – SF (1986/1987)
RECORD GOALSCORER – Alain Giresse (182)
2019/2020 FINISH – 12th

A compilation of Bordeaux fan chants

1. The “Girondins”, who the club are named after, were centre left revolutionaries who fought to end the monarchy. Many were executed in 1793 during the “Reign of Terror”.
2. The iconic chevron (“scapulaire”) on the shirt has religious origins, but the reason for its inclusion is thought to be the path the River Garonne takes through the city.
3. They won their first Coupe De France in the season they adopted the chevron against another team with a chevron, SC Fives, a forerunner of Lille OSC. They lost their next 6 finals.
4. Despite both clubs being top flight regulars, they have not been beaten at home by Olympique Marseille since 1977.
5. Their main derby games are against Toulouse (the “Derby de la Garonne”) and Nantes (the “Derby de l’Atlantique”).

Local act Talents D’Achille encourage you to put your fist in the air

1. The crescent-shaped “Port of the Moon” on the banks of the Garonne is the largest urban area on the UNESCO list.
2. After Eleanor of Aquitaine’s marriage to Henry II of England, it thrived thanks to the tax-free status he granted it.
3. In the 18th century, it grew to be the world’s second largest port, delivering coffee, sugar and cotton to the continent.
4. It was also a key port in the slave trade, with 150,000 slaves transported away from their homes by Bordeaux ships.
5. Considered the world’s wine capital, it hosts Vinexpo, the world’s most important wine festival, biannually. British people traditionally call red wine from Bordeaux “claret”.

A look around Bordeaux

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