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Episode 1 – Pattie meets a purple unicorn.
Episode 2 – Strangers become friends.
Episode 3 – Time for tea.


나는 한국에서 왔어.  I’m from South Korea.

너는 어디에서 왔어? Where are you from?

나는 영국에서 왔어. I’m from the U.K.

너도 영국에서 왔어? Are you from the U.K. too?

응 나도 영국에서 왔어. Yes, I’m from the U.K. too.

3 thoughts on “PATTIE’S KOREAN CLUB”

  1. This homepage is so cool.
    I will often look around your homepage.
    I’m looking forward to more updates.
    I hope you will come to Korea again someday.
    I’ll find a great vegetarian restaurant that you’ll like.
    I want to make my homepage, so I envy you!
    And I hope the lovely patty is healthy !!!!! :)))

    1. Thank you, Nina! So glad you like the website. I’m sure we’ll be back in Korea before too long. We’re hoping to put new Pattie updates up every day to help people learn Korean and so she can show off where she has visited. She’s a very proud penguin.

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