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I often refer to myself as a mongrel, due to the rather disparate origins of my family. My mother is American, my father English, but my maternal grandparents were Norwegian and Swedish and my father’s family comes from Wales. Further complications arise from the fact my brother’s wife is Chinese and I was born and grew up in France. I’m currently living in Japan and my girlfriend is Korean, but I’ve also lived in Poland, Spain, Germany,  Switzerland, Georgia, Greece and Scotland.

When I originally started this site 5 or so years ago, I intended to make it purely a travel site, but I’ve now decided I want it to be more like myself, a big mix of things I am interested in.  

I hope you find the site informative and fun and that it can help you out on your own adventures. Please let me know if things have changed anywhere I’ve written about or if there’s some inaccurate information by adding a comment.

All illustrations on this site are the work of my girlfriend, PRFD.

The Travel Mongrel

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